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RAIN project posts

KMP consists of a reinforced concrete post with a board mounted to it and a box fitted inside it – control measure point (KMP). KMP box has an opening at its bottom for laying cables. Edges of the opening are protected with rubber watertight spacer.

Warning route sign marks cable communication lines laid and is intended to provide additional information about line protection.

Cable marker is a technological sign marking cable communication lines laid.

Drawings of RAIN project posts

RAIN projekto stulpeliai

Catalogue of RAIN project posts

Marking Volume m³ Length L mm Width B mm Height H mm Weight kg
KMP (control measurement point) 0.038 2400 150/100 150/100 90
S-24R (warning route sign) 0.025 2400 110 100 62
KŽ-14 (cable marker) 0.015 1450 110 100 37