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Filter elements

Filter elements are used to collect surface water and to direct it into underground water drainage systems. The set of filter element consists of: filter ring FŠ-5, filter cover FD-9, filter inter-cover TD-9 and six fastening slabs TP-1, which are laid around the fitter filter element.

Drawings of filter elements

Pic. 1

Pic. 2

Pic. 3

Bearing element of underground valve

Marking Pic. Volume m³ Height H mm External diameter D mm Internal diameter d mm Wall thickness S mm Weight kg
FŽ-5 (filter ring) 1 0.137 1000 580 420 80 330
FD-9 (filter cover) 2 0.06 150 900 150
FTD-9 (filter inter-cover) 3 0.039 190 900 420 95