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Pipe connection systems in rings

Rubber spacers to connect pipes to concrete well elements

These spacers are made of dense elastomer and intended to connect pipes of various materials (polyethylene, PVC) to the concrete/reinforced concrete well elements.

  • Rubber spacers meet the EU norm EN 681-1;
  • Rubber is mounted into the drilled holes;
  • Rubber is resistant to various forces of cutting;
  • Because of exclusive profile, rubber facilitates connection of pipes significantly;
  • Rubber is resistant to exposure to domestic waste water;
  • Deviation of pipe connection can be up to 10%.

Mounting of rubber:

  • A hole of the required diameter is drilled in the concrete well;
  • Dry material – drilled hole is cleaned;
  • Rubber is pushed inside the hole drilled in the well until it rests by its edges on the concrete edges (lubricants are not allowed during this operation);
  • The inclination of the mounted pipe needs grinding and lubricating to facilitate the connection between the rubber and the pipe;

Diameters of pipes and holes

110 138
125 151
160 186
200 226
250 276
315 341
400 426
500 526

Note: pipes of smaller diameters and pipes made of other materials, under a separate agreement, can be connected to concrete valves.

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